Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 in review - My favourite blog reads!

Hey all!

These are some of my favourite blog reads. Feel free to pop along and have a look - they really are good.

One of my favourite blogs - simply because she has such unique nails and hand poses - I would know them anywhere. She loves dots (so do I) and is honest in her opinion of anything she reviews, which means a lot when I'm going to spend my money. Emma is one of only a few bloggers who rocks short nails. She really does have beautiful nails and I am looking forward to what she brings in 2014.

The lady who runs the Pokémon Gen 2 challenge. She has beautiful nails and is my first stop every day on my blog reads. She is another shortie rocker, although she does go between short and long but she never lets this stop her from posting beautiful nails. She's also very quirky and posts all sorts of geekery which is another reason why I love reading her blog.

Possibly my biggest source of nail porn. EVER. Her swatches are unreal, photos are beautiful. I sometimes have to remind myself to stop drooling over the photos and read what she's written.

My one stop shop for all things indie. Especially UK indie. She's also a wonderful stamper and has gorgeous nails!

AJ has beautiful nails. I often admire them over a cup of tea when we go into town. Even so, I still love to check out her reviews and her freehand nail art is just out of this world. Stunning!

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwww thank you! Showed this hubby and he said he got goosebumps!


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