Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 in review - my favourite manis!

I can't believe 2013 is almost over! 

It hasn't been a particularly good or bad year for me.. but I have to say, I have passed much of it by painting my nails.. so I think thats definitely a good thing!

Here are some of my favourite manis from this year.

My first successful gradient!

My first attempts at tribal (below) and dreamcatcher (above) nails.

My favourite work polish.

My back to school nails (above and below) from September

Nails for the Black and white challenge. 'Faux Fur' above and 'Recreate with colour' below.

My Comic-con week nails - My favourite tv show Ranma 1/2 (above) and my favourite video game - Sonic the Hedgehog (below)

Beauty and the Beast Rose inspired nails for the Disney challenge

Poppies and sunflowers - my two most liked instagram pictures of the year (and some of my favourite manis) both from the Flowers for Mom challenge.

Rainbow weave nails and abstract skittle nails - both done as guest posts.

Jack o Lantern nails for the Halloween challenge

Golem freehand for the Pokémon Gen 1 challenge

Ampharos lightning nails using Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Cyndaquil freehand

Mew freehand nails

Corsola nails with Sinful Colors Blue Glitter

Chinchou nails using my favourite Mentality polish as a base.

Did you like these? Were there any others you liked? Let me know!

Rachael xxx


  1. Love them! Especially 'back to school' one:)

  2. Chinchou was my absolute favourite manicure in your blog! You did such an amazing job! My second favourite is cyndaquil! (this zoya polish! <3)

  3. They are all lovely, its great to see posts like this and I think my fave of the ones above is Cyndaquil freehand - just love it!

  4. Very beautiful indeed. My 1st choice out out these would be the back to school mani, so cute!

  5. Amazing! I love them all x


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