Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pokémon NAC - Week 12 Ice


Had to be done. Smoochum has a proper lovely storyline in the anime too - her owner is a famous movie star, who Smoochum supported all his life to become famous (there are heartaching scenes of her washing dishes with him!)  but his managers think he should have a more manly pokémon and so he has to hide Smoochum from all of his fans. In the end, he reveals that he loves Smoochum and if they won't accept that, he will deal with not being famous anymore. And of course, they still love him, and they love Smoochum more! Happy endings!

So here are my Smoochum nails! I followed the Nimbus Nail Tutorial from Nailasaurus for the base, and then I freehanded some kisses using Taras Talons Fallen Leaves on all nails apart from my middle finger.

I then freehanded Smoochum onto that nail. What do you think? I am really pleased with these, I have to say! 

Rachael xxx

1 comment:

  1. Omygoodness this pokemon is adorable haha. I did not know she existed! The nail art you came up with is awesome too! :) Oh and I gotta ask about the yellow polish, is the formula good?


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