Friday, 22 November 2013

My Top Ten Favourite Nail Polishes

Hey all!

Today I have something a little different - a review of my top ten favourite polishes (of all time). This was much harder than I thought - after all I do have around 500 different polishes so to cut down to 10 is asking a lot!

I had a few in mind - I really don't think I can order them though. I love all my polishes and these 10 are just the best ones.. no better than each other all equally amazing!

But the first I will show you are my basic go to colours. 

The first is Modern Love by Deborah Lippmann. Until they recently started showing up in TK Maxx, I was a DL virgin. This was the first I picked up, along with 2 others - one of which is also in my top 10.

Modern Love was the first nude I ever got that suited my skin tone. I have very pinky red flesh, so many nudes just look awful on me. I also struggle to pull off purples for the same reason. This however has an almost mauve-ish undertone and is simply wonderful. When everyone went crazy raiding TKMaxx for them, I saw some terrible reviews for Modern Love but for me it really is just the best nude polish ever. It even applies well - 2 coats which for a creme polish I think is pretty good.

The second and third are both Barry M Gelly polishes. You just can't beat these - easily one of the best brands ever made for the UK. Both of my picks are blue - easily my favourite polish colour. The first is Blackberry - this was my first Barry M polish ever, and one I blogged about a couple of times almost a year ago now. I still love it, and intend on wearing it a lot this winter. Flawless application - 1 coater for me and my little nails, fantastic shiny finish, although I do always topcoat to prolong my manis a bit further. I actually realised I had no photos of it on its own, so you have the new one above  of it on its own and  one further on where I have worn it with KBShimmer Hex Appeal.

The second is Guava. I never imagined Guava as a blue colour, but there ya go! I love this shade immensely, and I am still very fond of this nail art I did using it earlier in the year. Again, a gorgeous shiny finish and in just 1 coat. Whats not to love? I miss my long nails....

A new favourite of mine is Blue Himalayan by Beauty UK. It's one of their new Gel FX range which is along the same lines as Barry M. I should let you know that I did get this as a press sample, but it has still become one of my new favourites. It is a beautiful bright cornflower blue - something that I have nothing even similar to in my collection. I have worn this alone a few times now and it wears really well and does really have that beautiful plumped gel look finish.

Now, onto the glitters. I became enamoured by glitters and polish in general when I saw a link on Facebook to a review of KBShimmer's fall line for 2012. The two that stood out to me were Quantum Leaf (below) and Jack (above). To get them at the time, I had to ask a friend across the water to purchase them for me and ship them to me as they were as easy to find as gold dust on Harlow and Co. He (the wonderful man) bought me 2 of each, and I have treasured both bottles all this time. I am almost down to 1 of each - I do wear both quite frequently and I generally wear them as they are, rather than layering. I have never found another indie quite like KBShimmer for their multi-level glitters.. they are just stunning. I have however only featured them on my blog a handful of times, so I apologise for the quality of my then newbie pictures. I hope you feel I have improved even slightly since then with these ones!

Since that time, I have fell in love with several other KBShimmers, but none so much as Hex Appeal. This just combines everything I love with a little bit of something I hate (purple) and yet comes out as one of the most beautiful polishes I own. Really cannot fault it. This is one coat over Barry M Blackberry.

This next polish was also originally sent to me as a press sample. Ellagee kindly sent me a tiny little 5ml bottle to review, which I ended up using in the space of about a week. I have since purchased a larger bottle and as you can see, I am steadily making my way through this one. You have to have a bit of multi rainbow glitter in your life - this is mine. Crazy He Calls Me was one of Ellagee's first lines - one of a number of glitter toppers (most of which I also own!) there are lots of almost equivalents out there - I suppose it depends on what calls to you - but this definitely calls to me and makes me feel unbelievably content and happy to watch it sparkling away on my nails.

Back to the Deborah Lippmanns. This was the original polish that found me diving for a shelf in TKMaxx and making me look just a little bit crazy! This is Deborah Lippmann - Across the Universe. There are a few dupes of this about now, but I still love it. When I first applied it I was massively disappointed - it takes 3 coats to get to the wonderful jelly effect that everyone loves, but even so - I love this polish and have plenty of plans for it this holiday season!

And last but not at all least - Cadillacquer We'll Meet Again. I was saddened to see this is discontinued, so I hopefully will be able to pick up a backup bottle before its all gone. The colour and whole makeup of this polish is just wonderful. A muted pink base with a holo shimmer and packed full of fine red glitter. It applies really smoothly and only needs 2 coats. It reminds me of curling up toasty warm in my favourite jumper.. except my favourite jumper is neither pink, red, or sparkly. Hmmm. Love it anyway!

What do you think of my choices? Any of your favourites in there?

Don't forget to check out everyone else's favourites!! 

Rachael xxx


  1. I wanted to get Barry M Guava but couldn't find it for love nor money :( but have the same Beauty Uk one that I was sent to review. It is an awesome colour xx

  2. I love all of these manis - gorgeous. Some fab glitters in your choices too. I kind of regret cutting my Barrym Gellys out of my top ten but I ran out of room! <3

  3. I have a Essence dupe for Across The Universe, if I can find it in TKMaxx then I would definitely get that one as well. I don't have any DL polishes but really want some ;)

  4. These are all so pretty, especially the KB Shimmer! <3

  5. Blue Himalayan was in my top 15! I never considered the dark blue Gelly. I do love that colour, but it was off radar when I was considering my polishes!

  6. Love all the glitters you have chosen! Makes me want to buy them all :D Love all your choices xx

  7. I love all the colours you've chosen - I love that Rainbow glittler from Ellagee the most - I must look to invest!

  8. i love crazy he calls me! it loooks so christmassy!

  9. Great choices! Love the dream catcher mani! I just got the DL Across the Universe - cant wait to use it! :-) x


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