Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Guest Post - Batmomo from Pokénailart

ATTEMPT 2! I am so sorry, especially to all my guest posters as I b*ggared up royally when I thought I could 'quickly' upload my guest posts before my holiday. Lesson learned, it doesnt work! Again, really really sorry.. so here is the first guest post from last week, this time with all the beautiful pictures!

Rachael xxx


Hey everyone! 

I am so excited to say that one of my favourite bloggers is here with us today with a guest post!

Continue reading to see the amazing nail art of Batmomo from Pokénailart <3


Hello everyone! I am very pleased and honoured that Rachael was willing to put one of my manicure on her blog, and I hope you will appreciate it ^^. So, pokémon nail art is my big speciality and with halloween coming soon, I really wanted to draw gengar! This pokémon is super funny and scary at the same time, so I really love it! For the background colour, I used a franken that I just created and that I called "gengar's puke". It is a teal/purple duochrome that I applied on a black base. Since the colours matched the ozotic 528, I decided to apply a layer of my ozotic, to give a more "sparkly" look. I drew gengars on my thumb and ring finger, and scary faces on the other nails. 


Wait, you can't see the scary faces? I'll switch the light off...

I hope you were not too scared :p

I really hope you liked this manicure, and most importantly: Happy Halloween everyone!!


Thank you again my lovely for your beautiful guest post for while I am away! I am over the moon, especially with a 2 in 1 Halloween and my favourite pokémon ever all in one manicure! Look at his grin glowing in the dark!! Yay! <3

Rachael xxx

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