Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guest Post from Rachel at Monkey Nails

ATTEMPT 2! I am so sorry, especially to all my guest posters as I b*ggared up royally when I thought I could 'quickly' upload my guest posts before my holiday. Lesson learned, it doesnt work! Again, really really sorry.. so here is the first guest post from last week, this time with all the beautiful pictures!

Rachael xxx


Good morning all!

After a good few years of having no holidays, I am finally getting myself a way for a week. So while I am away, I am leaving you in the very capable hands of some guest bloggers who have offered to entertain you!

First up is a fantastic blogger, another Rachel (Best name ever. Fact.) from Monkey Nails <3 After seeing her photos, I just had to leave you with her post first as its getting me excited for the beautiful blue waters of Majorca!


Hi there! When I said I'd do a guest post for Racho's Nail Love there was no contest what it was going to be about - my name is also Rachel, and one of the meanings of the name is ewe - that is, a female sheep. I got started on my sheep nails and there was going to be green glitter and googly eyes... then I left all my nail gear at my partner's house when I came home and I found myself with a problem. No googly eyes, no paintbrushes and no nail polish, not even a base coat. So I got inventive! What I did have was a whole bunch of new polishes that had just arrived in the posts from Nails Inc and Tara's Talons. I also found some PVA glue, a blunted pencil and some cotton buds. So here's what I came up with:

I used the PVA glue as a base coat. I applied it just before a long drive so by the time I got home it was totally dry! Then I applied three coats of Reef by Tara's Talons. I'm loving this dreamy blue polish - it reminds me of looking into a pond - there are bits of gold and green glitter in it and the slightly sheer finish means you feel like you're looking right the way to the bottom. I added dots of Tara's Talons Champagne and Nails Inc Mornington Crescent with the tip of the blunt pencil. (The more blunt the pencil is, the bigger the dots will be!) This look reminds me of paintings of water lilies by Monet. Did you know that Water Lilies is actually a series of about 250 paintings, and not just one? I did not.

I removed a bit of the cotton from the tip of my cotton bud and dipped it in nail varnish remover. Using just a little bit of cotton and the blunt end of the cotton bud made it much easier to clean up around my cuticles. And the marvellous thing about PVA glue is that it all just peels off afterwards!
Of course, this means that when I get all my nail art stuff back I'm going to have to finish off my Rachael/Rachel inspired nails. But this is not exactly much of a chore!

Thanks to Rachael for having me and I hope to see some of you over at Monkey Nails!


Thank you again Rachel for your fantastic post, your nails are so beautiful and I am sure everyone else will think so too!

Rachael xxx

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