Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Taras Talons & Pocket Money Polishes Collaborations - Swatches and Review

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey all!

Excited to show you todays polishes - some collaboration duos from Taras Talons and Pocket Money Polishes, two UK indie makers.

I was lucky enough to snag one Cinderella duo and one Beauty and the Beast duo for myself.

The first I have to show you is the Beauty and the Beast Duo - Mrs Potts by Taras Talons and Enchanted Rose by PMP. 

Here is Mrs Potts by itself. I can't decide if this is lilac or pink. I'm thinking a lilac leaning pink. Its really pretty and has a beautiful formula. This is 2 coats, with a base of Rimmel Stronger basecoat and 1 coat of Seche Vite. I would happily wear this on its own, its a rare pink that suits my skintone but I love this soft blush look.

And here it is topped with 1 dabbed coat of Enchanted Rose. These two polishes compliment each other perfectly - the various sizes of rose pink hex and a spattering of holographic hexes really make this look magical. As I said, I dabbed this on for even coverage, but thats just the regular for any glitter toppers if you want an even covering. 

What do you think overall? I think its super pretty as a duo, but Mrs Potts is great for a less sparkly occasion too! 

So here is the Cinderella duo. I found out about these really late, but was over the moon to find my favourites of the collection were the last ones available! These are Bibbity Bobbity Boo by Taras Talons and Magic Pumpkin by PMP.

You might think these are an odd match together, but I love them combined. Here is BBB (nobodys got time to type that over and over haha.. plus I can't spell it!) on its own. Its a beautiful turquoise shade. My favourite!

Application was perfect, lovely pigmented formula which self levelled perfectly. I only used 1 coat here with my Rimmel Stronger base and Seche Vite topcoat. Yay for short nails!

Aand here it is topped topped with Magic Pumpkin. The only slight thing I would mention is the base discolours turquoise. If any of you use Seche Vite, you will find it yellows certain colours and alters their true colour - mint green, turquoise etc are the most noticeable. Unfortunately this is the case for a lot of indie glitters too as they have the same ingredient in the base. Practically all my glitter toppers do this. A shame for the base colour, but it still looks good with the glitter shades Charlie has used. One thing I will say is that it doesnt yellow it as much as Seche Vite does though. This again has that magical sparkly holographic glitter element. Beautiful! This is one dabbed coat.

Do you have any PMP / Taras Talons polishes? Which is your favourite? 

You can find Taras Talons here:

and Pocket Money Polishes here:

Rachael xxx

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