Saturday, 7 September 2013

Back to School NAC - Day 6 Free for All and Fake Tattoo Review

**part of this post was sent for me for my honest review**

Hello all!

Got my free for all nails for you today. I am so excited to show you these as they use some fantastic products that I was sent by Fake Tattoos. They were kind enough to send me two separate packs - the very cute Hearts and Bows pack, and the Ocean Design. Each pack contains at least 62 tattoos on 2 sheets with clear instructions on how to apply. They cost £6 a set, with free delivery worldwide.

Now you may think.. hang on, her nails are supposed to be school related, she'll definitely pick the Hearts and Bows.. but no, the Ocean Design have some surprise designs that I wouldn't call ocean related, but fit perfectly with the school theme - paper aeroplanes!

When I saw these, I just had to use them! I have never used Nail Tattoos before, but they were so simple to use and easy to place. They work just as temporary tattoos do. Cut out your design, remove the plastic layer over the surface, place design side down on your nail and then wet thoroughly. Hold in place for around 1-2 minutes and then peel away the paper to leave the design on your nail. Top coat to protect your design for longer. Perfect!

The designs are a lovely size - I tested them on my newly shortened nails. The base is 3 coats of Butter London - Cream Tea, Sally Hansen and Bondi NY Fuschia-tastic. They fit really well - I placed mine not directly centre (as part of the full mani design) however they would fit on centre of nail, or possibly two if placed carefully.

I wore these for 5 days before removing them along with my otherwise freehanded design. They lasted perfectly - the tattoos stayed perfectly on the nail with no wear, lifting or smudging of any kind. What do you think of them? I love them! I will have some more designs for you in the next week!

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  1. beautiful manicure!



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