Sunday, 1 June 2014

A-Z Weekly Challenge - A is for Ciaté Apple and Custard

Hey everyone!

I've joined a new weekly challenge called the A-Z challenge. I needed a kick up the bum to get back to blogging as although I am still avidly painting my nails, I am not finding time to blog!

I am a few weeks behind, so here is my A - Ciaté Apples and Custard, with an accent of R&R Lacquers Shisou.

You can get Ciaté Apple and Custard from their website for £9 per 15ml bottle. R&R Lacquers is an indie brand (handmade). Shisou is part of our spring collection which you can find here for £6.50 a bottle or any 4 bottles (from any collection) for £22.

Don't forget to check out everyone else's manis for A by visiting the A-Z hub page!

Rach xxx

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