Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A-Z Weekly Challenge - C is for Mentality Cyclone

Hey again! 

3 days in a row! WOW!

Well today is a little more complex - this is by far one of my favourite manis ever. The base is Mentality Cyclone, a lovely holographic pale purplish brown colour, depending on how the light hits it. The formula on this was excellent - one coater for my currently short claws.

I then took Mentality Monsoon and used this to stamp over with a floral MoYou XL image from their Pro 14 plate. The effect was pretty subtle but it was just perfect for a week at work, and lasted a whole 6 days before I had to remove it!

What do you think? 

Rach xxx

(Don't forget to check out the hub page for all the C manis!)


  1. I love Mentality, they last so well, every time I see them on a sale page, you have beaten me to them you bugger! :P

  2. Very pretty! Subtle stamping looks really nice sometimes, I think - like in this case! :-)


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