Friday, 10 January 2014

Untried Friday - #2 Essie - Recessionista

Hey all!

Now I need to ask you first of all - what colour is this? Red or purple? I think its purple - I initially placed this with my reds and pinks as it is much lighter in the bottle. However when I applied it, it went on much darker.

The application on this was wonderful. Defo a one coater for shorter nails - I did have to patch a tiny bit with a thin second coat on my middle nail though. It dries super fast and is uber glossy even though it has a creme formula - I didn't even apply topcoat for these photos - if this is purple, then I've finally found one that I like AND can pull off! (Well, at least I think so!)

What do you think? 

Rachael xxx


  1. Definitely looks purple to me - even in the bottle. Yet, I'm also surprised sometimes which color I put a polish with. Mostly when it's blue<-->teal or pink<-->purple. Maybe it depends on the mood...!?
    Gorgeous polish nevertheless! And it looks good on you.

  2. I got Bahama Mama expecting to get this shade you have, instead it's a burgundy shade! I'll check Recessionista, thanks!

  3. Looks purple to me :) it's beautiful x

  4. Love this color, I think its more purple but it depens on the light. Got the same one :)


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