Thursday, 9 May 2013

Flowers for Mom Nail Art Challenge - Day 2 - Inspired by my Mum

Good morning all! 

Today is Day 2 - Inspired by my Mum! I am very lucky to have a wonderful mum, she is so great. I decided to do something that reminds me of her, and that is actually flowers - or rather, anything to do with gardening. She has always been so green fingered and talented with growing plants etc and always comes and helps me with mine - bringing me plants etc. Every time I look outside I am reminded of her.

The mani I have done is from a memory of an old garden we had, when I was little. The garden was huge, and to get to the lawn you had to pass under a massive rustic trellis that my mum put up herself. It had beautiful red roses growing over it and as a child it always reminded me of the Secret Garden and I used to pretend I was passing into a secret place that only I knew about. Lesson learned today - you cant get away without a base coat of colour if you're  sponging - cause the edges look crapola! Won't be doing that again!

I just thought I would include a photo of my mum too, shes so beautiful, I love her so much :)

What do you think of my nails today?

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1 comment:

  1. Your mom definitely knows that flowers for love...and you amazingly used it in your nail art...


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