Monday, 6 May 2013

ER31DC - Day 8 - Metallic Nails

Hi all! Guess what? Yeah, I'm still not on time!

Today is my metallic nails for the Extra Relaxed 31 Day Challenge. I am not a massive fan of metallics, but I did pick up a few in my latest Nails Inc Lucky dip.

The two metallics I got were Roland Gardens (a beautiful red) and Great Tichfield Street (a pinky gold). GTS is more of a foil, but I still like it none the less.

I decided I was going to try and conquer one of my fears today - tape. Becca from Kittys Painted Claws normally helps me if I need to do anything tape related, so I'm sure she will be very proud that I tried these out myself!

As you can see, I still need some practice - some parts are not perfect but I was pretty pleased after my previous attempts!

What do you think?

Rachael xxx

Check out the other metallic nails (which were done on time!)

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