Monday, 6 May 2013

Flowers for Mom Nail Art Challenge - Day 1 - Roses

Yeeeeeeees, I've joined ANOTHER nail challenge. This one isn't massively demanding so I am looking forward to it :)

Day 1 is Roses - I've done rose manis before, but I saw a special one I loved on Instagram a few days ago, so I tried recreating it from memory. I now have some fantastic polishes that I can use for it as well, so I'm really pleased!

The polishes I used were:

Sinful Colors - Black to Black
Ellagee polish - Lime-O-Rama and Way Orange
Essie - Off the Shoulder and Mojito
L'Oréal - Opulent Pink

What do you think? Are you a neon / roses fan? Do you think they work well together?

Don't forget to check out everyone else's rose nails today!


  1. wow..pretty..I like it.. :)

  2. I love how vibrant this looks! Neon colours ftw! Haha, and your roses are pretty! I'm gonna try doing roses soon :)

    1. you should! theyre quite easy, and they look really good!

  3. I think they look vibrant and fresh - a beautiful mani for the warm weather we're getting! ;)

  4. Super cute and the colors are stunning :)


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