Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pokémon Nail Art Challenge - Week 4 - Bug

I had this week planned for a long time :)Caterpie has a wonderful storyline in the Pokémon anime. Caterpie is one of Ash's first pokémon that he catches (and is the first that evolves).When Ash first catches Caterpie, Misty is terrified of it and tries to avoid it - Caterpie is really upset and talks with Pikachu about it one night. He looks up into the sky and tells Pikachu that his dream is to grow up to be beautiful and to be able to fly across the sky. So today's nails are an ode to one of my favourite episodes - Caterpie's Wish (i don't think it's called that, but thats the best part of the episode - so I think it should be!)

Colours used were: Zoya - Storm for background, Sally Hansen - Grass Slipper for Caterpie's body, Revlon and Nails Inc for rest of caterpie, Models Own Pro - Jack's Black for Caterpie's eye and Barry M - White for the moon he's staring up at.

Also, I'd just like to say thank you again to Sharra at The Blahg and Nichole at Adventures of the Nail Friends for running this nail challenge.. I absolutely love it! 

Don't forget to check out everyone else's manis for this week, and if you fancy joining - join the Facebook group



  1. This is so cute! The background colour is soooo pretty! Your caterpie is perfect!

  2. thank you! I had to order Zoya to a friend in America then ask them to post it to me.. I'm so glad its as beautiful as I had hoped!

  3. That caterpie is so adorable <3

  4. That is an ittie bitte bit of cuteness


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