Saturday, 22 June 2013

Is there ever a time when glitter is not appropriate?

Hey all - slightly different post from my usual swatches and reviews today.

Last week was a pretty crap week for me - first I was pretty badly with the worst migraine I have possibly ever had, and two, wednesday was the funeral of my other half's grandma.. who after 9 and a half years is pretty much another grandma to me.

Grandma was a beautiful lady inside and out, and I chose my outfit carefully - a navy blue dress and black leggings, with Deborah Lippmann - Across the Universe on my nails. The service was a beautiful tribute to her and the flowers everyone sent / brought were beautiful. The wake afterwards was full of family and friends all ready to share a happy story of how they remembered her.

When I said I would paint my nails however, I was met with 'its a solemn occasion - is glitter really appropriate?'. Here are the nails I wore - I like both versions, but I chose to top them with my Butter London Matte Top Coat for the occasion.


Matte top coat:

Quick few comments on the polish - really panicked when the first coat went on so thin - hardly any glitter, it wasnt looking positive. But it really evened out on coat 2, and I added a third to fix a couple of patchier nails. Lovely and smooth, nice thin formula and nice to apply. Dries quite slowly however. Levels really quite nicely but little bit of dabbing needed to distribute glitters evenly.

Back to being told glitter isnt appropriate - what are your thoughts on this? I thought my choice was 100% appropriate - it wasnt illuminous or in your face in any fashion.. no, it wasnt black or a plain colour.. but it was in my eyes matching to the rest of my outfit and a darker colour choice suitable for something like a funeral. 

Would you wear glitter to a funeral?  

Rachael xxx


  1. Is there ever a time when glitter is not appropriate?

    No. Straight up no.

    *hugs* Glad to see you back on the blog :D

  2. This polish is full on gorgeous! I absolutely love it! And I don't think it's inappropriate at all! :)

  3. Normally I would feel that glitter is a little flashy for funeral, but with the application of the matte top coat I think it worked perfectly. I think it was a lovely choice. XOXO JewelsinaBottle

  4. Sorry about the gmam :(( I'm sure she would of appreciated the beautiful nails.


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